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The firms was established on 1 October 1986 as a one man practice by Mrs Maria Catharina Greeff. Mrs MC Greeff was admitted to the side bar as the FIRST FEMALE ATTORNEY in Namibia (then South West Africa) in January 1977, and she was the first woman conveyancer to be admitted in Namibia as well.

Mr Barend Jacob van der Merwe joined the firm as full partner in 1987, and was appointed as Managing Director in 1997.

Mr Schalk Steyn joined the firm in 2000, and was appointed as Director in 2008. Sadly Mr Schalk Steyn passed away on 12 July 2021.

Mr Thomas Hitjivirue Andima joined the firm in 2004, the firm provided him with annual bursaries for the total period of his studies, he was admitted as a Legal Practitioner in 2013.
Mr Andima was appointed as a Director on 1 October 2013.

Mr Ben Jacob van der Merwe (Jnr) joined the firm in 2015 as a Candidate Legal Practitioner. He was admitted as a Legal Practitioner in June 2016, and was appointed as Director on 1 July 2016.

Mrs MC Greeff retired on 30 October 2006 and entered into a consultancy agreement with the company in terms of which the company on an ad hoc basis instruct her to attend to matters on its behalf which falls within her specialized field of expertise and to assist the Company’s conveyancing department.

The company has a well structured and adequately equipped litigation and collection department, headed by Barend Jacob van der Merwe (Snr), in which corporate and other clients are specifically allocated to specific directors and which are supported by the most updated software programs and capable personnel with many years experience in this field.

The admin and bookkeeping departments are headed by Mrs A van der Merwe and Mrs M Mertens respectively, both of them having experience in their fields of more than 34 years. Mrs A van der Merwe is the Office Manager and as such responsible for the day-to-day management of the office all Human Resources and finance issues. Mrs M Mertens heads an excellent bookkeeping department, the bookkeeping department has a clean slate with the Law Society of Namibia.

The company has made major financial commitments in order for it to be fully equipped in its IT department and to provide sufficient capability to facilitate communication in all its departments. The company is IT-wise fully equipped to handle any volume of work addressed to it.

The company has a broad client base spanning from all walks of life. The company serves the financial services sector, short and long terms insurance sector, conveyancing and property sector, micro-lending sector, commercial and business sectors by servicing various private and public companies, cc’s, partnerships, joint ventures, parastatals, municipalities, etc. as well as individuals. The company was further a consultant to the commercialization of the Namibia Wildlife Resorts Company (Pty) Ltd up to the stage when the NWR Act was promulgated.

All our admitted legal practitioners as well as the company itself, are adequately insured, and all our legal practitioners have a clean slate with the Law Society of Namibia.

In terms of our Social Responsibility program we are involved in sponsoring Oude Rust and Katutura Old Aged homes on a monthly basis, and we are sponsoring 5 orphans at the Child Development Foundation on a monthly basis.

The present shareholders and directors as well as the legal practitioners of the company have been attending to banking and commercial matters as well as labour matters and Conveyancing for many, many years.

The company has further taken responsibility in respect of black empowerment, affirmative action and previous disadvantaged appointments in its personnel department as well as social responsibility in making the necessary appointments to bear out the above, and by improving its affirmative action and previously disadvantaged employees by training them and uplifting them from grassroots level right up to legal practitioners.

The company has been complying with the requirements of the Affirmative Action Legislation and its vision and objective is to empower its previous disadvantaged employees through skills development and information awareness, to create equal employment opportunities in the firm, to redress the position of disadvantaged groups in the company, to create procedures and structures to avoid future unfair discrimination and to advance those who were prejudiced due to imbalances in social, economic and or educational processes that allowed discrimination in the past. The company is fully committed to remain a Namibianized company for many, many years to come and to commit itself to the people and corporate establishments in Namibia, in order to provide them with a comprehensive legal service in a professional and ethical manner, which will not be compromised by anything whatsoever.

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